About Us

Mooh Tech is a Franco-Brazilian company, with headquarters in Paris and offices in Recife and São Paulo, believing in the idea that the simplest solutions are the best for the great daily challenges.

We are based on the principle of versatility, where several different minds unite their worldviews to build through technology a better place to live.

Being smart is being efficient, doing more with less and in a simple, easy and accessible way for everyone.


Super APP

An app that brings together several solutions. Chronus is a “multi experience” application focused on practicality and convenience, transforming the way we perform countless routine tasks.
  • Omnishoppers and the super apps

    89% of customers consider the experience with a company more important than the products and services offered, showed the State of Connected Customer 2020 report. And it is in this context that the super apps proposal fits in very well.

  • Increase the chances of conversion

    It is like being in the marketplaces and expanding your sales conversion power. The consumer enters the super app to search for a certain product from a pharmacy and finds what they are looking for available in their brand (with exclusive discounts for those who use the app). With that, access to your business is easy and you solve the consumer problem in a few minutes.

  • Get ahead of the competition

    Super apps appear as a possibility to expand to the market. It connects your business with thousands of consumers eager for good experiences, practicality and agility, and also expands the possibility for consumers to find your brand in different sales channels, as well as providing omnichannel.

  • Proactive interaction

    In addition to the storage advantages, the Superapps ecosystem allows the user’s time not to be monopolized in multiple applications, in addition to the majority of society being structured in a responsive way to this multiplatform.



Chronus – Super APP


Chronus is a Super APP integrated with a collaborative monitoring platform that emerges as an alternative to increase the efficiency of emergency services, security and other utilities.
Chronus’ goal is to explore ways to improve public utility services and make them more efficient to contribute to reducing social inequalities.
Antiracism module


Developed since 2017, Chronus is the first tech solution created to combat racism in the world. In the app it is possible to access the Liberté module and report crimes of racism by sending, reports, audios and videos of the situation.

The Chronus APP promotes the involvement of citizens with the maintenance of quality of life and the development of society through the practice of conscious citizenship.

Prophilaxys Passport


A practical and simple tool, which with quick consultation allows citizens to prove they are healthy. Through stored data, such as vaccines and tests, updated periodically, available at any time, it avoids all the complications of having to always have all this information already printed.

iPassport®️ – the smart health credential, allowing the citizen quick access in their daily lives.

Woman Protection Module

Patrulha do Batom

Help fight violence against women. Have you witnessed or suffered any type of aggression?
Don’t shut up, use the Patrulha do Batom module in the Chronus app to report.
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